I am sure by now you have seen lots of media and discussions about the Federal Government announcement yesterday regarding a nanny
pilot http://scottmorrison.dss.gov.au/media-releases/246-million-nanny-pilot-programme-to-support-families-in-work.

It was a very exciting day for ANA, something we have been lobbying for over the last 3 years. we were invited to represent ANA at Minister Scott Morrisons press conference in Penrith, NSW for lunch and happy snaps. We have posted photos on our Facebook page. ANA spoke on radio, TV and in newspaper articles throughout the day to get our key aims out there and support the nanny community. There is still much work to be done and we hope you can help us especially in spreading the word and joining us as one of our valued members.

Many of our committee and members appeared in media pieces or helped provide case studies with their own nannies and families. A big thank you to everyone who helped.

To be clear with the facts that we know so far, here is the eligibility criteria:

NANNIES (subsidised)

* Must have current First aid and CPR
* Minimum of 18 years of age
* Cannot belong to the same family of the child they are caring for
* Must be attached to a Government approved service provider
* Parents will select their own candidates at interview through a service provider

SERVICE PROVIDERS (Government approved)

* The pilot is going to be open for tender in the second half of 2015 .
* We do not know what the eligibility criteria is for service providers.
* There will be an open tender process
* ANA will be lobbying on behalf of our membership to be able to participate in the nanny pilot.
* Commencement will be January 2016 if the funds allocated are passed through the Senate.

Please pass this onto your nannies who may be worried about what this
means for them.

NOTES: Nannies currently working privately can remain as private nannies or choose to participate in the nanny pilot program by registering with participating service providers. There will still be private nanny arrangements as there has always been. Service providers have not been allocated as yet.

QUALIFICATIONS DISCUSSION: The Australian Nanny Association has always supported professional development and training. However, the current child care qualifications are specific to centre based care.

We have been in discussions with ACECQA regarding adding core home based units to their training packages. Unfortunately, the next review is not for another 1.5 years.

On a positive note we have had contact with TAFE who is interested in adding approved home based units as electives in the current packages to offer for nannies undertaking Certificate III and Diploma’s in Childrens Services.

If you have any questions please contact us via our website

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